ADRIFT (2018)


What's it about then

It has been two years since all the gravity inexplicably and instantaneously left earth. Those that are left have had to adapt, and society as we know it is gone. Adrift is the story of how the world has changed as a result.

Adrift is 40 pages, black and white, and features a beautiful gloss-laminated silk card cover. It comes in a concise, pocketable A6 format, and is very not suitable for anyone under, like, 15? 15 I'd have said. Mature themes. Not all the way through, but in places like.

In summary:

- No gravity
- A6
- Not for kids

What The Press Said

"It takes all the cynicism of the depressing things like The Walking Dead and The Road and shows that as changes come that are considered catastrophic we can find a little humour and just possibly some light at the end of the tunnel. It is written with that idiosyncratic humour that is recognisably a Tucker creation. A little bawdy, a little strange and a whole lot funny. I heartily recommend anything by this creator."
- Tony Esmond, Never Iron Anything/The Awesome Comics Podcast