BALD (2018)

Image of BALD (2018)


"Bald" is a 28-page A5 comic book about the baldest man that ever lived. Originally published digitally, this handsome run of professional prints commits the story to 130gsm silk paper stock, and features a first for the John Tucker collection - a gloss-laminated cover, to match the themes of the book. In it, a man tells the story of his life as he comes to terms with being the baldest man in human history.

Currently being adapted into a short film, funded by the BFI 😯

Praise for Bald:
"Sometimes you receive something that you hadn’t heard of before. Something a bit different. The works of John Tucker tick all those boxes, idiosyncratic and funny... you sense a little of the suburban and a little of the kitchen sink drama." - Tony Esmond, Never Iron Anything & The Awesome Comics Podcast