THE WORKS: The Complete Set

Image of THE WORKS: The Complete Set


The Time Machine Bundle is SOLD OUT. A new bundle will be available shortly.

Looking to just pick up a big stack of comics? A fat wad of some of the weirdest work on the market today? A huge load of books described by critics as both “brilliant” and “profoundly worrying”? Sure.

Well with THE WORKS, you can, as you can get all six of my current titles for £10, a £5 saving over buying each individually. It includes:

- The Taxi
- Bald
- Night Watch
- Adrift
- Gang Culture In 1950s Swansea
- Plan A/Plan B (a double-sided flipbook that meets in the middle - two stories for the price of one, “a bargain”).

They’re all self-contained stories so you don’t need to read a load of backstory or lore to get into it, and they’re all just weird stories about normal people. Just get in, read it, enjoy it, move on. We’re all busy, and I feel my titles respect that.

You can read more about each title - with previews and, in same cases, full books to try out - at my website by clicking here.