£10.00 - On Sale

Perhaps you have considered buying my comics in the past, but paused – what if your friends or coworkers accuse you of bandwagon-jumping? Perhaps they’ve all already got my books, and if you suddenly show up with the complete set, it’ll look as if you’re merely copying them.

Well, no fear, because for the month of June I am offering The Time Machine Bundle, a complete set of all my books for the all-time low price of £10 - £7 off full retail price. And to avoid any accusations of “johnny-come-lately”, I will personally inscribe each and every book with a personalised message that strongly implies you bought it at the time of its release. Examples include:

Night Watch (released January 2018): To [you], Hope you enjoy my latest book; and it turns out you were right, the European Parliament did approve the call to ban electric pulse fishing. All the best, John Tucker
Bald (released March 2018): To [you], Hope you get as much pleasure from this as I’m sure Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is getting from his recent Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award for favourite movie actor (in Jumanji). All the best, John Tucker

You also get the cheat sheet, a comprehensive document outlining all my convention appearances, including locations, dates, what books were available, what I was wearing etc. to assist you, should your credentials as a day-one supporter ever be called into question. So if somebody asks exactly where you got, for instance, Plan A/Plan B, you simply say “I got that at True Believers 2019 in Cheltenham; I remember John was wearing a purple shirt and did a panel in the afternoon”. It’s a bulletproof package that will convince even the most suspicious.

(You can also have the books unsigned; just select that from the drop-down below if you do not want the covers inscribed with the results of Mexican provincial elections or the date-of-death of post-war Chinese film stars)