The Podcaster's Delight: The Deluxe Bundle

Image of The Podcaster's Delight: The Deluxe Bundle


To commemorate my appearance on The Awesome Comics Podcast, I have hand-curated this exclusive bundle for a limited time only.

The bundle contains all of my critically lauded one-shot comics, including:

- Adrift
- Bald
- Night Watch
- The Taxi
- Gang Culture in 1950s Swansea
- Hell (previously convention-only! Never before offered for sale online)
- A custom sketch, signed by the artist (you also have the option to have the books signed, gratis - that means "free" in England). If you want something specific let me know otherwise it's get-what-you-get.

These comics together would usually come to £14, but for a limited time, I am offering them all as a bundle with a free sketch for only £500. The sketch alone will likely be an extremely desirable item in years to come, and I feel the remaining fee should be thought of as repayment for the wisdom I so generously imparted on the podcast. Plus I lost a £1,000 deposit on a local recording studio due to some perfectly reasonable misunderstandings about how podcasting works, and I feel one of you could have at least warned me that podcasting is largely done from home.

If this bundle seems a little steep, it may be worth listening to The Awesome Comics Podcast episode 169. Perhaps there will be a discount code mentioned that you can use to shave a little off the price.